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KeraLase™ in Norwalk, CT

KeraLase™, an innovative treatment offered at Skin Studio Aesthetics and Wellness in Norwalk, CT, is a cutting-edge solution for those seeking to enhance hair growth and improve scalp health. This advanced procedure combines the power of the Lutronic LaseMD Ultra® laser with the potent KeraFactorMD® Topical Growth Factors serum. By creating microchannels on the scalp with the LaseMD Ultra laser, KeraLase™ significantly boosts the skin’s absorption of the KeraFactorMD serum, promoting stronger, thicker, and fuller hair growth.

This rejuvenating treatment suits individuals looking to address hair thinning, weak hair strands, or overall scalp health concerns. With KeraLase™, patients can expect to see noticeable results after a series of 6 sessions. Experience the transformative benefits of KeraLase™ at Skin Studio Aesthetics and Wellness in Norwalk, CT. Book your appointment today to rejuvenate your scalp and promote healthier, fuller hair growth.

Benefits of Keralase™


KeraLase™ is suitable for individuals experiencing hair thinning or looking to improve overall scalp health.

Patients can expect noticeable results after completing a series of 6 sessions.

The results of KeraLase™ treatment can last for an extended period with proper maintenance.

KeraLase™ treatment is nearly pain-free with minimal downtime and minimal risk of side effects.

Before treatment, it is recommended to avoid sun exposure, and after treatment, follow post-care instructions provided by your provider.

During KeraLase™ treatment, you will experience a comfortable procedure with minimal discomfort.


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